The customer is one of the greatest Representative Organizations of the Italian Industry “UNINDUSTRIA” and its purpose is to gather new members by using identity records contained in the database at the organization’s disposition. After a first quality analysis of the database provided by the customer, Koiné undertook a qualifying activity of this database through an outbound call activity and a back office activity on almost 12.000 records. Koiné then organized the business agenda arranging a communication plan for this kind of activity, by planning the availability of the area managers of the customer, through a web based tool and of course, performing calls.


The customer is an Italian company that has a 30-year experience in the field of products and technologies for the building industry and its purpose is to raise the number of prospects. After organizing a communication plan and providing consulting for the correct definition of the informative, which is the object of the mailing completing the telephonic contacts, Koiné took care of the campaign by contacting about 3.000 companies of the building sector, aiming to arrange an appointment for the launch of specifics waterproofing products made of pre-hydrated bentonite. In this case Koiné carried out its task with the area manager.