The customer is a leader company in the pharmaceutical sector.



Most of the support work is based on different devices (PC Windows, iPads, iPhones, Macs) and on 13 applications for the organizational/administrative management of the agents/employees network.



This kind of activity is carried out by skilled operators, with high knowledge of the devices and of every application to be used by the users. The evolution process of the team, developed by constantly sharing KB and technical training, gave us the opportunity to become experts on issues which would be typically processed by HD3. Every trouble-shooting procedure are published and updated in an inner portal (KB) where the operator can find in every moment every piece of information to be asked or given the user, in order to solve his problem. The very same portal is also usable and editable by the customer.



For every kind of delivery, we are in charge both of the support on the use of the device itself (VPN configuration, change password, cache cleaning and updates), and of the correct operation of the applications developed ad hoc just for the company (WFM programs, administrative management programs, agenda management programs). The management process takes place on the phone, through a call transfer from an HD1. The structure managing HD1 is only based on basic contents of the applications and of the devices used by the final user. The management process wants the HD1 to record the phone call, open a “work in progress” ticket which will be addressed by our team when the call is transferred. In case it is possible to solve the issue on the phone with the customer (One Call Solution) the ticket will be closed (Solved); otherwise the ticket could need some more time to be analyzed, before giving a feedback to the customer or even the HD3 support on issues that are not of our area of competence. In the first case that ticket will be left open in the “pending” status, until its resolution will be communicated the customer on the phone or via email. For what concerns the second case, instead, the ticket will be addressed to the competent group in order to let them solve the issue.
In this way, Koiné supports the level of the Help Desk of the customer by managing some problems of his, despite the channel of the ticket opening only working through inbound calls, the process and the request of further information can occur via mail too.
In case the user is using his PC right in that moment, there is also the possibility of remote controlling his computer, thanks to Lync (Microsoft). This kind of help turns to be necessary when he has to send us screenshots of the error, or of the dysfunction of an application and of a delivery failure.



All this is possible thanks to a team that in 2014 developed first their knowledge and then competences for issues having a certain priority in HD3.