The customer is a services company.



The support work is developed on iPads for the management of two applications: a WFM (HD1) and a portal for updates (HD2).



The portal was designed and made work by K-Form, which is a member of the HCI Group, dedicated to the management of the HRs.
Its team is in charge both of the support on the correct use of the device itself (VPN configuration, change password, cache cleaning and updates) and of the correct operation of the applications.



Since 2012 we have managed an HD1 and an HD2. HD1 service works for the development of WFM application dysfunctions management (configuration, password, portal accesses). Through an inbound call, the customer asks for help, and our team satisfies his requests on the phone. In case of problem solving, the operator will close the ticket in the inner system. On the other hand, if it was not possible to solve the issue on the phone, the operator will open a ticket and address it to HD2, who is in charge of analysing and then processing the customer’s request.
HD2 service is dedicated to the management of updates. In this case the customer is supposed to define the structure of its update materials and to manage the policies to enter the portal.
HD1 is at the customer’s complete disposal for portal dysfunctions (access errors, change password, report dysfunctions).
HD1 interacts with HD2 through tickets, thanks to a trouble ticketing web system. This interaction takes place for issues concerning platform maintenance issues, new users management, new functions creation (new courses, new procedures). This management process wants HD2 to get in touch with the customer, both via e-mail, and via outbound call.



The company addressed Koiné because of its ability in customize services and tools, also maintaining high quality standards.